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Add the ZenMosphere inhaler to your meditation.
Feel less stress and anxiety.

It’s clinically studied, aromatherapy-enhanced meditation. ZenMosphere provides all the benefits of your current meditation and more. Scientific validation, innovative technology and organic components - ZenMosphere is your new meditation companion. 


What is ZenMosphere and aromatherapy-enhanced meditation?

Vapor Disperser inhaler >>

Our breath-activated inhaler makes your meditation interactive.

InterMix liquid >>

Our aromatherapy vapor is scientifically developed and not based on essential oils.

Choose a liquid to match your mood. Fill up the inhaler. Breathe it in through your lips to activate and deliver meditative vapor. No smoke, tobacco or essential oils - only three ingredients, all FDA registered.

How effective is aromatherapy-enhanced meditation on anxiety & stress?


23% benefit

on symptoms


27% benefit

on symptoms

Aromatherapy-enhanced meditation
+33% additional effect
98.8% of users felt better

Clinical study participants said:

“It was the first
time I was able to sit still for more than 5 minutes”

“Very relaxing, it helped my anxiety”

“I let go of everything,
every problem"

A 5-month study on aromatherapy-enhanced meditation with 32 patients at New York Presbyterian Hospital

What are people saying about ZenMosphere?

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Why add ZenMosphere and not other meditation tools?


Enhances meditation

Clinical research shows aromatherapy-enhanced meditation may reduce anxiety & stress by 33%.

Other tools

Only measure meditation

Don’t enhance or improve meditation. Only measure breathing, heart rate, or other markers of relaxation. 


The ZenMosphere device responds to your breathing. Fast? Slow? Deep? Shallow? You’ll experience different effects and sensations from the vapor.


No variation as you breathe. Only provide a number, one sensation, or one intensity; adjustment means interrupting your meditation.

All components safety tested

The ZenMosphere device meets FCC, CE and ROHS standards. All interMix components FDA registered.

Not safety tested or registered

Some devices do not feature FCC, CE or ROHS approvals. Contain essential oils - dangerous to inhale directly.

Green company, green product

ZenMosphere is completely refillable and rechargeable. Our company donates 1% of revenue back to the planet. Orders ship carbon-neutral.

Non-refillable, non-charitable

One-time use devices - aren’t refillable and/or rechargeable. No donations to charitable causes. Don’t offset the carbon impact of shipping all over the world.

Why try ZenMosphere with your next meditation?

Advanced technology as used in Samsung & Apple devices

Handmade liquids crafted in small batches

A team with 25+ years scientific experience

30-day money back guarantee

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