ZenMosphere is a company from clean, green New Zealand - supplying worldwide.

We’re a company founded on one principle: it’s all about you and your wellbeing. That’s why we’re proud to represent some of New Zealand’s best traits in suppling our ZenMosphere products to the world.

When we set out to create ZenMosphere, we wanted to keep true to New Zealand’s environmental spirit. That’s why we offer carbon neutral shipping and donate 1% of our revenue back to the planet.

We wanted to support the local economy and minimise air travel of our goods, so our InterMix liquids are developed and manufactured locally.

New Zealand is known for innovation and world firsts. ZenMosphere is brought to you by a team with over 25 years’ scientific experience, We’re excited that our patent pending ZenMosphere innovation can improve the wellbeing of the meditation community around the world.

When we’re not busy serving our wonderful customers‚Ķ we enjoy our coffee. Preferably a flat white. Did you know that was invented in New Zealand too?

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